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Welcome to She Roams Free, where wanderlust meets empowerment!

Hey there! I’m Stefanie, your adventurer-in-chief, and the world has been my playground since I first hopped on a plane to South Africa by myself way back in 2002. Solo travel has been my preferred way to see the world ever since. It has been a baptism by bushveld, a crash course in self-reliance, and a love affair with the unknown. My goal is to inspire other female travellers to explore the world and experience the same freedom!

Stefanie in Namibia

That’s the spirit of She Roams Free: a haven for fearless females who crave adventure and connection. We’re more than just travel tips and tricks; we’re building a vibrant community where stories are shared, fears are conquered, and friendships bloom across borders. Picture this: trading my office desk in the Netherlands for a road trip in 4×4 car with rooftop tent, my itinerary for animal tracks, and my selfie stick for a pair of binoculars? Yeah, spending a year in the South African bush gazing at the star-studded skies with elephants as my co-pilots was pure, unfiltered adventure. That’s the spirit of She Roams Free: pushing comfort zones, embracing the wild, and discovering the strength that lies within.

So, pack your bags, dust off your compass, and join me on this incredible journey. She Roams Free is your launchpad to a world of empowerment, adventure, and sisterhood. Let’s get lost together!

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